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After eight years of experience as in-house Italian Editor under Philips contract at PolyGram, in the Netherlands, I am now a freelance translator based near Rome, working in the following language combinations: EN>IT, FR>IT, NL>IT. My university education in linguistics is completed by an international business experience and 20 years of work dedicated to languages and Translation. Thanks to a thorough preparation and technical equipment I can assure fast delivery of high quality specialized translations in various fields (mechanical engineering, business and marketing, medical instruments, IT, hardware and software documentation). At the same time you can count on the best and most appropriate Italian style. I enjoy wonderful relationships with a number of returning customers, both direct clients and translation agencies, and I am presently interested in a chance to develop more relationships based on quality and loyalty.

1988-96: In-house Italian Editor responsible for all Italian texts published under an international label of PolyGram in Baarn (NL), commissioning and producing original articles and translations for Audio/Video products under pressure and tight deadlines in an international environment. - Involved in multi-language subtitling since its very beginning (LaserDisc, VideoDisc, ...DVD, etc.), I helped creating the current technical subtitling standards.
1993 - present: Freelance Translator, Editor and Project Manager. Substantial translation jobs for returning clients included a SAP R/3 on-line manual for EXXON, and manuals, policies, corporate minutes, annual reports, legal documents, PR, and marketing brochures for IBM, BMC, PARKER HANNIFIN, JOHN CRANE, and others.
A major assignment was the translation of the UI and HTML Online Help for the last version of the CAD software Revit. In that case I could handle high volumes trough an efficient use of translation memory software and the collaboration with a professional proofreader, always available to work with me and specialized in coded documents. As a result, I have been contracted as a free-lance translator by AUTODESK Inc., the new owner of the REVIT software.
Ongoing collaborations with various translation agencies Europe, America, and Asia, cover a great variety of subjects including Automotive documentation (Service Manuals for SUBARU and NACCO, press releases, marketing materials, documentation and website translation for GM and KRAKER TRAILERS), Electronics and Home appliances manuals, Music, SAP on-line instruction manuals, Software on-line help, Technical manuals, Quality Manuals and Directives. I successfully localized and printed 10.000 copies of 2 marketing brochures for the professional gardening tools manufacturer Moridge Manufacturing Inc, KS. Last year I have completed marketing projects and very large IT projects for CISCO, IBM, GRAPHISOFT (ArchiCAD), OKI, CODA and many others.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question.